Clothing and footwear should always be worn that is suitable to the Environment that the activity is taking place in and appropriate for the Weather of the day. Remember we should always be looking towards and thinking about : Wind , Rain , Sun , Heat , Cold . We should be creating our own little micro climate around ourselves with our clothing to prevent the on set of hypothermia and hyper thermia .

Basic rules to stand by: Boots for walking , Old Trainers for boating. Non cotton material is much better for drying quickly and your body heat is not used to warm cotton up but keep you warm. No jeans…they’re for the night club! Appropriate hat, a fleece of some sort and a waterproof / windproof . { A Kag in a Bag is not suitable quality ! }

A full change of clothing is a very good idea for safety reasons if you are on the Moors and ‘ Just – In – Case ‘ as well as safety on the water. (including additional footwear to change into after activity). Oh and a towel could come in handy!

Sun block is a good idea, even in Cornwall.

You will then need a couple of bin liners to put it all in , and for any wet stuff afterwards and a small rucksack to keep it altogether . Throw in a drinks bottle or non breakable flask a few items to eat and we are ready to go.

If you are not quite sure just ask Steve!


You should always bring any personal medication that you may require within the day. Please inform me of any medical conditions prior to activity.

First Aid

Steve is a fully qualified First Aider and First Aid Instructor / Provider for Mountain Medicine. He always carries a first aid kit. However if you feel it necessary to bring a small kit of your own for the day this is fine. It is also a good practice as a life skill and role model for others.

Care Kit

Personal hygiene and care items should be brought to all activities as required. eg . Sun block

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