General Activities

Education AND Fun, Project Enhancing, Functional Skills , Summer Camp Sizzlers!

The activities are a series of ‘Problem Solving Specials’ tailor made to your requirements. They will ensure that every student can participate and achieve . Steve has run many sessions for schools and Summer Camps using years of Outdoor Experience and World Travel to create ‘In – the – Field’ extravaganzas. Some favourite titles are as follows:

  • Jungle Survival Techniques
  • Rainforest Recreational Program
  • Quest for the lost ’66 World Cup ( Netball version )
  • Roman Invasion and what they did for us !
  • Race to the North Pole

Within these titles are Orienteering techniques , Archery , Dry Land River Running , Water , Shelter Building , Team Co- ordination and Communication, Lots of Action, Head Scratching for Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun, Testudo, Viaduct Building and many many more to test skills and promote a fantastic learning atmosphere . Get in Touch , Sign up, they are fun!…oh….. AND Educational!!

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