I am a level 1 Archery GB Coach. I coach recurve barebow or freestyle (with a simple sight). I have equipment to shoot at indoor locations or outside.


I provide several days shooting each year at an outside venue ,( Sterts Theatre, Upton Cross , Cornwall) , during the school summer holidays. This is open to all ages from 4 years old and above….that includes adults! Coaching is on a 1:2 basis and will last for 1 / 2 hr . Enjoy the cafe and possibly stay around for a theatrical production in the afternoon.

Schools and Groups

I can deliver fun taster sessions of 1+ 1 /2 – 2 hr duration . I use a compilation of different targets , games , and arrows.

On request I have the facilities to provide a small workshop to produce a primitive flu flu blunt arrow which budding toxophilites may then put to the test.

If you require something to tick a few more boxes on the educational front upon request sessions can be tailored to include functional skills, maths, english, french, spanish, history and FUN! Where’s the OFSTED Inspector when you need one ?

Birthdays: for 4yrs and upwards!

If you have access to a suitable location or are willing to pay the costs for a venue and would like to Celebrate ‘ your – day ‘ with friends in a quietly dynamic way then ….give me a call!

To find out more about Steve's Family Outdoor Adventures please get in touch here