About Me: Philosophy

I feel that it is vitally important for our ‘Spirit of Life’ to endeavour to persevere along the path of continual learning, understanding, experience, application of skills and joy of our wonderful Outdoor Environment. In todays world all too much is readily cast aside and permanently lost to make way for ‘screen and chair’. We have never had so many means of communication and yet people have forgotten how to talk to each other. We have so much in the window but nothing in the room. We have more Degrees yet less sense. We have more knowledge yet less judgement. We never seem to learn from history, we should look again.

I like to find lines of connection and parallels between modern day living and old school skills. To extract what appeals and develop this into activities and experiences for others. To engineer activities appropriate to ‘where people are’ and using our wonderful outdoor environment help to guide folk to ‘where they would like to be’.

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